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Dr. Ken Parker

"My daughter, Hailey, started losing weight, couldn't keep down food, and had Eosinophillic Esophagitis- a rare, incurable disease. No good radiational treatments were available. We brought her to Dr. Parker and within 6 weeks, her results came back showing FULL remission!!"

- Erika R

"Our son suffered for years with spring time allergies. It was so hard because as soon as the weather turned nice where we could enjoy outside activities, he had to stay in because of his allergies. This all changed when he was treated at Dr. Parker's office with the Bio Vedo Technology. We were thrilled to say the least that when spring time came around this year our son was outside along with all of the other kids."

- Donna S.

"Dr. Parker is one of the most knowledgeable students of the human body I have met in the Chiropractic field. His approach for healing considers all facets of life, not just the nervous system. I have continued to be impressed with his gentle care of all members of our family and will continue to see him to maintain wellness. His staff are wonderful and will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I would highly recommend his services for everybody at any age."

- Jodi Z.

"I appreciate the time Dr Parker has taken to help us understand how the chiropractic process works. My husband and I, as well as my 3 children, all receive regular care from Dr Parker. His staff is most friendly and helpful. Our results have been more than amazing! We highly recommend his services."

- Angela D.

"I have been on a health journey the past 7 months and want to thank Dr. Parker and his staff for their incredible treatment, encouragement, and care during this time. My husband had to drive me to my first appointments because I was unable to drive due to a sudden onset of tunnel vision that occurred when behind the wheel. Physically I was very weak and my emotions were out of control and as tired as I was, sleep was very difficult. I had been given diagnoses of Epstein Bar Virus, Adrenal Exhaustion, and Lyme. I was not sure how I found myself in this mess, but I knew I needed help, and although the medical team gave me a diagnosis, they did not give answers on how to help.

Dr. Parker started me on some Adrenal and Thyroid support along with his treatments and my body started to gain strength. Going to the office was always a pleasure. The positive, cheerful environment of his office staff was a great help in my treatment. After a few weeks, I started to try to drive. Since I live close to Dr. Parker, I first found success in driving to my appointments with no tunnel vision. Although there is still some traveling to be done on this journey, I am so very thankful for the care, treatment, hope, and encouragement I have received as a patient of Dr. Ken Parker's. I have now returned to work, after having to take a leave of absence, and I now can drive freely without tunnel vision. I am sleeping better and feel MUCH better than that day when my husband helped me into Dr. Parker's office.

Dr. Parker always says, he does the adjusting and God does the healing. I am thankful for this, because I too agree that God is our healer. I do believe, however, that God chooses to work through people and for me, Dr. Ken Parker has been an instrument used by God for healing. I am very grateful and want to pass my recommendation of Dr. Parker on to you."

- Sally A.

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